Roaring Dragons RPG

Roleplay any kind of dragon- fire, water, earth, air, ice, electricity, and much more! And not just dragons. You can roleplay any kind of mythical creature ranging from griffons to phoenixes.
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 Rules of Roaring Dragons RPG

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PostSubject: Rules of Roaring Dragons RPG   Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:20 pm

1. No detailed mating or fighting scenes, must use fade in/out.
2. Be kind to other players.
3. No cussing in or out of character. Remember, there may be younger players out there.
5. Respect other's beliefs and/or customs.
6. No posting inapropriat pictures, or ones with a lot of blood.

Like a Star @ heaven If you think of any rules that should be added, please PM me! Like a Star @ heaven
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Rules of Roaring Dragons RPG
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